Everyone has a Lingual Frenum – a piece of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If you lift up your tongue and look in the mirror, you can see a small membrane in the middle of the underside of the tongue that helps hold the tongue down to the floor of the mouth. In most people, the frenum allows for free, normal tongue movement.

A Tongue Tie (also known as "ankyloglossia") occurs when this frenum is too tight or too short, restricting normal tongue movement. The restriction of tongue movement can affect patients from a day old through maturity and senior years.

Among the problems encountered by Tongue Tie patients are:

The Staff of Tongue Tie Professionals are trained to diagnose and treat Tongue Ties using the most modern 21st Century Laser Technology – this means:

The frenum is gently released by using a highly focused beam of laser light energy. The procedure is quick, simple, and easy with all of the advantages of using laser technology – including extremely fast painless, bloodless healing.